Dear Mr. Hubert:
I have to tell you how sweet my little 10 year old Douglas is.  A couple of years ago, he was given the project of making Flat Stanley and sending him on his journeys.
Well, Douglas chose his great aunt Pam to be Stanley’s host although he didn’t see her very often. Pam never had grandchildren and was thrilled to do this for Douglas.  She was in the process of moving from CT to KY and she got numerous pictures of the move with Stanley.  She even made an album and sent it back to Douglas to take to school. The funny part of Stanley’s adventure was that he was accidentally packed in a crate by the movers. When Pam discovered that Flat Stanley was missing.  She madeeverybody stop and find him. She even took a picture of him being ‘rescued’ from the crate.
Well, when Pam got sick with cancer, Douglas sent her another Flat Stanley via the fax as a get well card.  When I went the last time to see her she was in and out of confusion. But, as I sat there and held her hand, she opened up her eyes and smiled and said “Flat Stanley, huh.” Her involvement with Flat Stanley really  meant a lot to her.
When I got home yesterday, I had to break the news that Pam had died. She was 58.  Douglas said, “I know what I’m going to do.”  “What?,” I asked. He said “I’m going to make a Flat Stanley for Pam’s grave for her to take with her.”
He completed his Flat Stanley last night. He put a couple of little silk flowers in one of his hands and a little Hershey’s miniature candy bar in the other (she really loved chocolate). I told him that Pam was really going to love having Flat Stanley go to heaven with her. He smiled.
A Very Touching Note
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