Previous Recipients:

3rd & 4th Class, St Boden's N.S., Culdaff, Ireland (See pictures)
June, 2015

Karen Dement, Waxahachie, Texas
February 2015

Lori Phillips, Waxahachie, Texas
February 2015

Terry Creasap and Carol Robertson
April 2014

Shongum Elementary School, Randolph, NJ, USA
Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Patterson, Mrs. Scala, Mrs. Cirelli, Mrs. Wurst, Miss Rodriguez
May 2009

St. Boden's National School, County Donegal, Ireland
L. McGonigle
May 2009

Longview Farms, Pennsylvania, USA
June 2009

Burrville Elementary School, Washington DC, USA
Ms. Florence Harper
June 2009

Egmont Village School, New Zealand
Mr. Tim Morgan
June 2009

Lenkerville Elementary School, Millersburg, PA, USA
September, 2009

"Trucker Buddy"
Ms. Kym Hemerson
October, 2009
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