There are many ways to take part in these exchanges. Send flat paper characters and even actual bears. (Toys, I mean!) Consider using small ones to keep the costs down. The standard method is to print off a paper Flat Stanley, Flat Stella or bear image and send it. It can pose for pictures almost as well as a real one. Another idea is to take the stuffing out of a toy bear and send the empty "bear skin" to be refilled when it arrives. You can do the same for hand puppet Stanleys and Stellas. They can be visiting authors or special guests.

This site provides a List of Participants who would like to take part in email or regular mail exchanges. To take part you must first register. After registering, your name and email address will appear on the List of Participants.

The List of Participants can only be viewed by those who have registered. The details you provide are for the webmaster to maintain the integrity of the list. The location information that appears is limited to a city, province/state and country. The actual mailing addresses and email addresses do not appear, and participants can send email internally using the email utility without knowing your actual address. Once you are comfortable with the person who has contacted you, you may choose to share your mailing address so flat visitors can be received.
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