FS- women rights
FS Ottawa police
FS - Ottawa canal
FS Canada 150
FS Endeavour cruise ship with Adventure Canada
FS with Margaret Atwood and Graeme
FS girl waterfall
FS and friend at a glacier
FS Ibceberg
FS Inikshuk
FS Inuit girls
FS and an Inuit child
FS Inuk1
FS Inuk2
FS with Inuit child and mom
FS on land
FS Phil Fontaine
FS Print plate
FS with Survivorman playing guitar
FS with Survivorman Les Stroud
FS tiny flowers
Adventure Canada's Heart of the Arctic 2017 Cruise with Flat Stanley, Phil Fontaine, Margaret Atwood, Survivorman, and many other new friends.
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