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Use Flat Stanley as a Getting to Know You Activity for Your Students
At the beginning of the school year, have each student create a Flat Self that looks like them and represents them. Perhaps a soccer jersey or holding a musical instrument if that's an activity they like.
Arrange an in-class exchange where each student hosts another student's Flat Self and writes in its journal. This can be done during class time or as a homework assignment. They could include favourite TV shows, hobbies, interesting things about their families or themselves, so that by reading the completed journal, students have a bit of a summary of the kids in their class.
For the teacher, it's a great way to get writing samples at the start of the new year, and kids can form new friendships by discovering others with similar interests.
It also serves as an introduction to the Flat Stanley Project so kids will know what to include in their journals as they send them out to other schools, celebrities, athletes, the police and fire stations, people they admire, etc.